Player/Team Assignment Process

Why was my daughter put on that team?   Why wasn't my team/coach/friend/school request honored?  

Team Selection Philosophy
We spend a significant number of hours trying to accommodate every request that comes in during the registration process however it is not always possible. Therefore, we have a no guarantee policy for every player. We attempt to keep all teams as age balanced as possible and although it is not always possible, we try to have teams skill balanced as well.  This has been a problem in past drafts with parents left unhappy when their daughter was not selected by a coach they wanted.  Please be aware that because of the guidelines set for the coaches, it is not always possible to get all players that have put in a request to play for them.

Cordova Girls Softball team selection follows the following process:
1. Head Coach and Manager are selected 
2. Head Coach and Managers daughters placed on team
3. Returning players are placed back on the team
3. Pitching balanced for 8U-14U team if possible
4. Requests for coach/friends/schools/etc. based on age balance on each team

Escalation Process
It is our goal to do our very best to accommodate each request with the understanding that some requests may not be feasible. We must make sure that our league is an enjoyable experience for the girls. We thank you for your understanding regarding the way the drafts go and believe your daughter will have an amazing experience.  We do understand that not every person will be happy with their daughter's team selection and offer the following escalation policy:

1. Review the team selection process above.
2. If you are still not happy contact the Cordova Girls Softball Player Agent.
3. If you are still not happy you may address the Board of Directors at the next Board meeting.
4. If you are still not happy you may remove a player from the league following the published refund policy.

                               Spring Refund Policy






Dec 1 - Feb 1


Registration less fees


Feb 1 - Mar 1


50% less fees


After Mar 1






Practice and Game Schedules

What are the practice and game schedules for the upcoming season?

The 2018 regular season runs from Mar 1st - end of May. Teams will practice 2-3 times per week until games begin. Most teams will request field time for one practice as field availability permits. Teams will have two games per week. 
    Tball and 8U: will play 2 days per week including some Saturdays.
    10U and 12U:  Wed/Fri or Saturday
    14U/16U: Various Days

ALL PRACTICES AND GAMES WILL BE AT MILLS MIDDLE SCHOOL ON COLOMA ROAD.  Exception: 12U and 14/16U will travel to other leagues for inter-league play.

We currently have 4 Saturday games scheduled. During those weeks, each team will play one game during the week and the one game on Saturday.


Background Check and Fee

Who needs to have a background check?   What about scorekeepers?   When am I allowed to go on the field?  How do I find out if I was cleared?

Who needs a background check and why:

ASA requires that anyone on the field or in the dugout with the girls must have a background check.  This includes Coaches and Team Coordinators.  Only Coaches and Team Coordinators are to be in the dug-out or on the field during games.  Parents can assist at practice if they have submitted the ASA background check.  The reason for this is to protect our girls from someone that may have a criminal past.  Since scorekeepers are not on the field, they do not require a background check (like the parents in the stands).

Required documents for the background check:
The following items must be submitted

ASA Background Consent Form
A copy of your driver's license
3. Payment of $25 

 Directions on how to obtain the background check to follow at a later date.

When Cleared:
Once the league receives your required docs and payment you are allowed to be on the field.  ASA will notify the league president if anyone comes back “not cleared” and the league will take appropriate action at that time.

Uniforms and Equipment

What equipment do I need to purchase separately?  What uniform items will be issued?

Each player will be assigned one jersey and one pair of socks.  The cost of these uniform items is included in the registration price. 

Helmets and bats will be available for use during practices and games only. It is recommended that each player purchase her own helmet with a facemask but it is not required.

Purchased separately:
1. BLACK softball pants  - Sports Authority, Bases Loaded, Walmart or BIG5 Sporting Goods carry a good stock of softball pants.  There are also many online resources.
2. Batting helmet: Must meet NOCSAE standard (it will have a stamp on it), with face mask and chin strap.  OPTIONAL

3. Cleats:  Soccer cleats are fine if you don't want to purchase a separate pair of softball cleats.

4. Glove:  Each player will need her own glove.

Balls - for use outside of practices  OPTIONAL
6U: 10" Easton Incrediball (soft training ball)
8U: 10" Easton Incrediball (soft training ball)
10U: 11" regular ASA softball
12U: 12" regular ASA softball
14/16U: 12" regular ASA softball

Please check back for more information.
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